Deacon Health is committed to keeping the University safe and committed to promoting the Health and Wellbeing of students. 

The law for immunizations for the State of North Carolina reads as follows:

G.S. 130A-155.1 Requires persons attending a college or university, whether public, private or religious, to present a Certificate of Immunization. The registrar of the college or university is responsible for assuring the required immunizations have been received by all new (undergraduate and graduate) students enrolling in the college or university.

The statute applies to all students except the following:
Students residing off-campus and registering for any combination of:

  • Off-campus courses
  • Evening courses (classes beginning after 5 p.m.)
  • Weekend courses
  • No more than four day credit hours in on-campus courses

New Students

All new undergraduate and graduate students are required to be up to date with required vaccines. You and your healthcare physician need to complete the health information and immunization forms (HIIF) available in your Deacon Health Portal.

New Students

Immunization Exemption Request

If you have a medical contraindication to receiving any vaccine, your physician needs to complete the University’s Medical Exemption Request Form. This form will be reviewed for approval by clinical personnel at Deacon Health. You will be notified of the decision through your Deacon Health portal within 14 days.

How to Upload Other Medical Documentation

Completed documents (including Consent to Treat for Patients under 18 or any medical records you want Deacon Health to have, if applicable) should be uploaded to the secure Deacon Health Portal.