Allergy Injection Clinic information

Deacon Health provides an allergy injection clinic at WFU.  In order to receive your injections here, the following documentation must be submitted along with allergy serum vials.

Medical record release

Please use the below form to request your medical records. This form must be completed and physically signed. You may list the desired records by date, category, or select all records. Upload your completed form to your Deacon Health Portal or email

International Travel Itinerary Form

Students who are traveling to international destinations should complete the following questionnaire to assist Deacon Health in determining if vaccines and medications are needed to prevent travel-related illnesses. Deacon Health will review this information and contact you about scheduling an appointment if vaccines and medications are needed for your particular itinerary.

Missed Appointment – Dispute Fee

If you feel that you should not have been charged for a missed appointment, please use the form below to request a one (1) time adjustment.